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Coconut Hair Oil May Be The Easiest Way To Save Your Hair From Holi Damage

It's hard to believe how quickly time is passing by until I realise it’s that time of the year when the festival of colour is just around the corner. Holi has always been one of the most vibrant festivals celebrated with great vigour and enthusiasm in our country. Given the protocols to be followed due to the pandemic that surrounds us, we need to be cautious and mindful of the get-together planned to celebrate this Holi. In addition to the perpetual fear of contracting the virus while living everyday life, it’s also time to protect yourself from the damage that the colours will do to your hair and skin as well. The Holi colours can impact your hair due to the presence of chemicals in colours. Honestly, even if you are planning to switch from the chemical-laden Holi colours to the organic ones, your hair still has to pay some price when you step out to enjoy this festival of colours. The synthetic chemicals used in Holi colours can cause severe scalp irritation, redness, as well as lead to frizzy hair. While all this might cause apprehension to participate in the festival, this fear, however, has a very easy and efficient solution if you act on it soon. Just paying a little extra attention to your pre-Holi hair care routine can help you combat the aftermath of Holi colours. Whether your Holi celebrations are grand or with minimal colours at home, your hair should definitely not be the reason you hesitate to revel in this festival. As I mentioned before, there is a very easy way to protect your hair from all the damage and disrepair that comes with the barrage of colours that will descend on your hair on Holi. Contrary to what you assume, I am not talking about any expensive treatment but a simple routine you can start doing at home now for effective damage protection from Holi colours, and that is - a regular dose of coconut hair oil. While coconut fruit has many benefits to your skin and body, coconut hair oil can do wonders to your hair.

Here's why coconut oil is ideal for damage protection:

  • As compared to other hair oils in the market, coconut hair oil is more easily absorbed into the hair shaft penetrating 10 times deeper. Thus, it reduces protein loss and keeps your hair looking healthy and nourished.

  • The vitamins and essential fatty acids naturally found in coconut hair oil work wonder to stimulate hair growth. It nourishes the scalp and hair follicles making your hair grow to its full potential translating as longer, thicker, and healthier hair.

  • Coconut hair oil is the most trusted and pocket-friendly way to damage protect this Holi. A regular dose of it will help keep your tresses well-nourished and hydrated without having to empty your pockets at the salons for expensive hair treatments post-Holi to reverse the damage. After all, prevention is always better than cure. Following this simple routine will help you protect your hair from any possible damage, allowing you to enjoy the festival of Holi carefree.

  • Oil your hair: Oil are the basic food of our hair and it gives nourishment. Oiling your hair with coconut oil before Holi will provide double benefits. It will not only help in easily removing colours later on. But also deeply nourish it for long-lasting and effective results. Remember regularity is the key, while it’s important to oil your hair right before stepping out for Holi to protect your hair from the damage of colours, your hair will be luscious and healthy only when treated regularly with coconut hair oil.

Other than using coconut oil, follow these simple measures for added care:

  • Keep your hair braided: It might look prettier to have your hair open with a coat of fun colours but it’s imperative for its health to keep it tied. One can opt for a simple braid, ponytail or even experiment with different hairstyles to avoid any stressful tangled hair situation during the celebrations.Do ensure your braid is a loose one though to prevent traction on the roots.

  • Keep your head covered: To further protect your hair from dryness and roughness caused by the chemical Holi colours keep your hair covered with a head bandana or a cap/hat or simply tie a colourful dupatta. This will add layer to your Holi outfit while keeping your hair protected.

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