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Sometimes Vice, mostly Wise!

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

“What is this life so full of strife?

We have no time to indulge in vice!"

With due apologies to W. H. Davies, I remember reading many years ago, as a medical student, this statement: “Everything that is good in life is either immoral, illegal, fattening or carcinogenic!” And that’s so true; to our kids, our puppies and even to each other the word we employ the most is NO! In this article, I too am going to touch upon the things which are bad for our skin or the common skin vices, but I want to start by saying that any of these are reversible, ok to do once in a while and not the end of the world. It’s just important to know that along with all the care we take, we also need to know the big don’ts, the pitfalls that we must avoid.

The first and biggest reassurance I can give everyone is to tell you that skin is a very forgiving organ in our bodies. It has the ability to withstand all kinds of insults, to regenerate itself, to repair injury and to protect us at all points of time. It can heal after deep infections, physical and chemical burns and all other kind of abuse that we heap upon it. This, however, does not mean that we can continue to do anything that we feel like and the skin will be glowing & beautiful all the time. Far from it! When we reach our late 20 s and early 30s , the skin repair mechanisms begin to slow down. Also, for women, hormonal changes that kick it start affecting the appearance and functioning of the skin.

So, here are the ten vices that you must avoid at all costs, whether you are a skin care novice or fanatic.

Aparna Santhanam Blog

1. Not having a skin care routine

Everyone needs a skin care routine, no matter how basic or how complicated. The skin needs care as it is the most exposed organ, bearing the vagaries of the outside as well as the consequences of internal inflammation.

2. Not using a soap free cleanser for the face

A ph. balanced soap free cleanser, suited to your skin type lets you avoid a lot of issues on the skin. So, invest in a gentle soap free cleansing lotion or gel.

Aparna Santhanam Blog

3. Not using a sunscreen everyday

This is a big one. There are no sunscreen holidays, that’s a loud message to internalize.

4.Substituting products with SPF for a sunscreen You need full spectrum coverage. SPF only indicates UVB blocking.

5. Using too many products

When it comes to skin care too much is not necessarily better than too little. Especially, in tropical climes doing too many steps may lead to breakouts, skin irritation and inflammation, so do talk to your dermatologist.

Aparna Santhanam Blog

6.Not visiting a dermatologist No one can assist you in skin care and product choice advice, the way a dermatologist can. Do visit one at least twice a year.

7. Not using different formats to layer products

If you are using a moisturizer, vitamin C and sunscreen, it's good to opt for a lightweight lotion, serum, and gel. If you are confused, talk to your dermatologist, she will sort it out for you

8. Neglecting delicate areas like under the eyes, neck, and hands

All these areas have thin skin and show signs of aging & wear & tear early. Pay specific attention to these areas.

Aparna Santhanam Blog

9. Not spending five minutes extra on skin at night

Nighttime, when we are relaxed, is the time to cleanse with care, massage serums in well and employ a good skin nourishing routine. It is time well invested.

10. Not realizing that your lifestyle is as important as what you apply

Not just beauty, skin itself is more than skin deep. Take care of your diet, hydration and sleep patterns too , to not just achieve great skin but to maintain it looking the way you want it to.

Remember, skin is not just a beauty accessory, it is a very important barrier and a thermoregulatory organ. Everything in life is about moderation, so ensure you do what you can most of the time so sometimes you can be othervice!

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