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Common Myths and Misconceptions around Pregnancy and Skin Care

Not everything around pregnancy on the internet is correct, know the common myths as I uncover the facts about them.

Common Myths and Misconceptions around Pregnancy

“Hey girl, you’re glowing, you pregnant?”

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding pregnancy. And we have all heard some: if you are pregnant you glow with health, it’s a girl if you carry high, boy if you carry low, if you eat healthy you will not need vitamins, etc.

However, believing in some of these myths could compromise your health and beauty routine. Here is a list of some common myths and the facts around it.

Common Myths and Misconceptions around Pregnancy

Myth 1: Pregnant women must avoid all exercise.

Fact: Actually, when a pregnant woman exercises, her foetus gets a beneficial workout as well. Research shows that the foetuses of pregnant women who are physically active, have heart rates that are slower, steadier and more responsive, all signs of good foetal health.

Low impact exercise is good for all soon-to-be mothers and help in preventing pregnancy related health issues like diabetes and high blood pressure. Moderation, however is key and one must always speak to their doctor regarding any doubts.

Common Myths and Misconceptions around Pregnancy

Myth 2: Avoid skin care.

Fact: Is there ever a good time to stop caring for your largest, most visible organ? Never! Your skin protects you and your unborn baby from harmful pollutants and allergens, so pregnancy skin care is an absolute must!

Be minimalistic and avoid excessive chemicals. My best advice is to adopt a cleanser-moisturiser-sunscreen routine as recommended, and stay skin secure!

Common Myths and Misconceptions around Pregnancy

Myth 3: Pregnant women must wait till after delivery to treat skin problems like acne and pigmentation.

Fact: Many skin problems can be treated with safe treatments by dermatologists during your pregnancy itself. Waiting may lead to marks and scars that are far more difficult to reverse. So do visit a dermatologist for your skin related issues.

Myth 4: Avoid manicures.

Fact: All manicures aren’t a no-no in pregnancy. But it is better to avoid products that contain DBP (Dibutyl phthalate), a chemical compound that provides long lasting power. There isn’t sufficient research to demonstrate how safe this compound is for pregnant women.

Common Myths and Misconceptions around Pregnancy

Myth 5: Skin glows and hair grows in pregnancy.

Fact: For a lot of women, pregnancy can lead to unstable skin, pigmentation, rashes and uncontrollable itching. If you experience any symptoms of this nature, do visit a dermatologist immediately. Make sure that you never skip your body lotion or sunscreen and keep yourself well hydrated.

Hair does grow, but only upto a certain extent during pregnancy. Mostly, the hair growth moves into a resting phase and also stops shedding. This makes your hair appear more full and gives the impression of growth.

Besides these common myths, there is a lot of confusion centered on the procedures that one can undergo, diet plan one must eat or avoid, etc. I would advise you to talk to your gynaecologist and dermatologist to avoid any sort of confusion.

A well informed woman makes for a happy mother. Enjoy this special time of your life without any doubts and fears in your mind. Be happy and stay healthy, always!

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