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Five Reasons why social distancing could be a boon for our skin.

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Social distancing is indeed the Mantra of the day to flatten the curve and reduce the spread of this deadly novel coronavirus infection. While everyone is whining and cribbing about how boring its going to be, do remember that it is life saving not just for us, but for society at large to remain at home, indoors, without venturing out. It could also turn out to be the biggest favor we could do for our skin, and I’m going to tell you exactly why that is so.


Early summer is setting in, across India and it's usually the time all sun induced dermatoses rear their ugly heads. Tanning, pigmentation, Light eruptions all can be kept at bay, by the singular act of staying home and automatically protecting yourself against the early summer sun. POLLUTION

Research is increasingly proving how pollution damages the structure of the skin and makes us more susceptible to not just aging, but a host of inflammatory skin diseases. By staying indoors, you are giving your skin the time to regenerate and recover without the addition of daily insults of particulate pollution.


Being home, it’s a good time to go through your skincare and makeup stash and throw out all expired, damaged and congealed products. FOCUS ON SKINCARE With social distancing, everyone is going to use less to no makeup and hence, can focus more on skincare. Start a good morning and evening routine and focus on areas like under eye dark circles and neck which generally get the short shrift in our busy schedules.

TIME IS OUR FRIEND Time is our friend at this difficult time. Let us use it wisely to eat healthy, get adequate sleep, do gentle exercises like yoga and practice deep meditation. All this improves blood circulation, improves oxygenation and stimulates anti-inflammatory, antioxidant processes that could naturally restore glow to the skin. Let us all stay positive and committed to doing our bit to help stop the spread of this Virus. Getting glowing skin in this process would be a happy coincidence that would serve us well in our quest for health, wellness and happiness!

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