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Root your day in your skin care routine

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

As we enter phase 2 of the lockdown, it is but natural that a sense of ennui is afflicting most of us. Though it is hard to stay upbeat, it is necessary to do so, as we combat the coronavirus at the crucial stage of transmission. One of the things that generally keeps boredom at bay, is to have a structured day with a routine, even for those of us whose day is otherwise quite unstructured. A fun way to do it is to center your day and root it in your skincare routine. Not only does that provide you with something to look forward to, it also helps you to maintain your beautiful skin! So, let’s get started.

AM care

As soon as you wake up

This is a good time to focus on eye care as the last vestiges of sleep vanish. Splash cold water on your face with the eyes closed. Pat dry with a towel. Apply a light under-eye serum or cream with a light hand. This is a good time of the day to get some creative work done with your morning cuppa. Write, draw, finish a puzzle, plan your day, any creative pursuit that is your mojo could really bloom in the quiet morning hours.

Shower Time

Once breakfast is done, it is time to shower before getting on with your day. If you are working from home in a structured set up, you must probably be at your desk by 10. Shower with a soap-free moisturizing body wash or a neutral soap, in tepid or room temperature water. Use a soap-free face wash to wash your face.

As soon as your shower is done, use a mild lightweight moisturizing lotion on your body, paying special attention to the feet and especially the hands. In this difficult period, handwashing is of paramount importance and it is necessary to moisturize your hands at frequent intervals, to mitigate the drying that frequent hand washing causes.

Use a lightweight Vitamin C serum on your face and neck. If your work desk is near a window or you plan to be out on a sunny balcony or garden, use a good broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 25.

If you need to cook a meal for yourself or the family, my personal suggestion is to cook the meal and then take a shower and repeat the above routine.

Mornings fly by quickly and soon it’s lunchtime. Ensure that you drink a glass of water every hour as you work. This will keep you well hydrated and your skin will be supple and youthful!

Post Lunch

After lunch, take a small power nap, one of the luxuries of being at home! Ensure you put your hand cream on right after you wake up, to mitigate the damage of hand washing. It’s also a good time to go out on your specialty skin care, anti-pimple and anti-blemish creams, or topicals for any skin conditions that your doctor may have prescribed. All it takes is five minutes and can be done as soon as lunch is over.

PM Care


Wash your face with tap water around 6 PM and apply a lightweight serum with Vitamin E or peptides. This helps stimulate collagen in your skin. It’s a good time to do some stretches or yoga and drink a cup of refreshing turmeric & ginger tea. Get your household chores under control, dinner, dishes, cleaning etc. Remember to apply moisturizer on your hands as soon as your chores are done.


Your most elaborate routine comes at bedtime. You have worked all day, probably spent your late evening watching stuff online. Cleanse your face thoroughly with a neutral cleanser.

Put a light anti-aging night cream if you are over 35, with retinol, Vitamin C, peptides or any preparation you trust. Apply your under-eye serum gently and focus well on areas like the neck. Apply a lip balm and a body lotion, focusing on areas like elbows, knees, etc.

If you are under 35, apply a lightweight moisturizer instead of an anti-aging serum. Please focus on the under-eye area, the lips, neck. Also use a body moisturizer for hand and feet care.

Ensure that you get 7 to 8 hours of refreshing sleep. Drink a cup of chamomile tea to help you relax and sleep calmly in a darkened room to get adequate rest.

Grounding your day in a good skin care routine ensures you set time aside for your work, your chores, your entertainment, as well as self-care. Try it for the next two weeks and watch your productivity, your calmness and your skin glow increase!

Stay home, stay safe, stay well!

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